M83 Grammy Fun






Grammy madness came and went…  What an incredible week.  Though we lost in the Best Alternative Album category, we were absolutely in awe of the whole experience.  Next year…White Sea.  I sat right in front and my God I’ve never seen anything like it.  Everything was huge, pop and glittery.  A universe I’m not normally a part of so I felt a bit like I was trespassing in alien territory….but I cheekily felt at home as well!

We champagned, we hugged, we acknowledged this momentous moment in our careers.  It was honestly an absolutely magical experience and I’m grateful to everyone at Mute Records, the M83 band, our entire touring crew and the countless incredible music lovers who came out to make the last 18 months some of the most unforgettable evenings of music I’ve ever experienced.  Here’s to next year being just, if not more, incredible.

Lots of love.  M



IMG_4787IMG_4773 IMG_4788IMG_4769




2 Responses

  1. Thats awesome Morgan!! Just don’t let that “huge/Glittery” world make yours seem dull. Hope things are coming along with White Sea! 🙂

  2. you guys impress! happy valentines day! feel the love!
    one billion rising today!

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