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Hi guys and gals

Just a quick note to tell you i am switching to tumblr as I launch my new record (!!!!!!)

If you’d like to continue to get blog posts from me, you can find them here: http://whiteseamusic.tumblr.com/

Can’t wait to give you the catch up!!!!



+ Karen Schijman +

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My Karina

Ms. Karen Schijman – Photo By Paul Storey – San Francisco 2012

I was lucky enough to meet the inimitable Karen Schijman at the beginning of the last M83 tour about a year and a half ago.  She is, in a manner of saying, my style Goddess.  I’ve always been simultaneously fascinated if not a little judgmental about the role of fashion and beauty in the music world.  For some reason, it never made sense to me. Why were we focused on what female singers were wearing, what fashion shows they were playing, let me fall in love and focus on the MUSIC!  Designer collaborations, capsule collections…  It has  always been a world I failed to comprehend.  And then I met Karen. I was a chucks, t-shirt, glasses woman on stage prior to meeting her.  One look at tear sheets of what I actually dreamed of wearing and Karen make it very clear that by the end of the year I’d be in sky high heels and dresses so mark her words.  I initially bristled and found it over indulgent to start collaborating with someone on something as quotidien as clothing, but I ultimately surrendered.

To this day I thank my lucky stars that I did. I remember stepping on stage in New York in my first K. Schijman creation and I was transformed.  My feet tapped differently, my chest was held high.  With a cinched waist and double stick tape for days I owned my performance in a new and staggeringly more confident way.  I finally understood the role and creative genius of the incredible designers, artists and stylists so many gifted female musicians surround themselves with.  It was a revelation in the art of performance and how a simple shift in what you wear aids your audience in digesting your music and helps a performer tell a story, plain and simple.  You dictate your vision as a musician just as much with your songs as you do with your presentation, from set design and photography to clothes and jewelry. It is, after all… a show.  Karen’s brilliance has led to me fostering wonderful relationships with several designers which I’d like to share with you now.  These artists have lent their creations to me and I am lucky to have growing bonds and admiration with them and their work. Enjoy!

Pamela Love

Tulum - PL

First are foremost, the iconic Pamela Love.  I am doused in her jewelry from head to toe on any given day of the week.  Whether on stage or in the ocean by the ruins of Tulum (picture below Pamela) I live in her gorgeous pieces and I’m constantly stopped on the street when they catch people’s eye.  She consistantly makes unique, tough, timeless yet feminine pieces.

Kimberly Ovitz

The Dress

Last year for Lollapalooza, Karen went on the hunt for a dress that would stand out in the Chicago heat.  When we started working together, I quickly became quite the little black dress devotee, but at the time, in light of a some crappy life turns, we decided to go brazen and make sure I felt like a mother fucking princess.  I wore a red dress that left very little to the imagination and it was as liberating as I could have hoped for (above).  The dress was by the lovely and gifted Kimberly Ovitz who had no idea until after the festival that I had worn her frock (pictured above).  Since then she has been absolutely wonderful with me and I have a feeling we will be doing many more collabs together in the future.


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.22.04 AM

Next is Houghton.  What is there to say?  Katharine made my Grammy dress and my god it was a job well done.  Anthony raised his eyes higher than high when he saw me and proclaimed he had never seen me look so beautiful.  Her pieces are so gorgeous and unique and truly tell a story.

Esteban Cortozar

Last but definitely not least, Esteban Cortozar.  My god this man is a genius.  I was lucky enough to wear one of his dresses during Grammy week and I couldn’t have felt more badass.  I canot wait to see what he does next, hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to work with him again on all things White Sea.






If you want to contact Karen about any styling etc. she can be found through this blog.  Please just write me a note!

M83 Grammy Fun

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Grammy madness came and went…  What an incredible week.  Though we lost in the Best Alternative Album category, we were absolutely in awe of the whole experience.  Next year…White Sea.  I sat right in front and my God I’ve never seen anything like it.  Everything was huge, pop and glittery.  A universe I’m not normally a part of so I felt a bit like I was trespassing in alien territory….but I cheekily felt at home as well!

We champagned, we hugged, we acknowledged this momentous moment in our careers.  It was honestly an absolutely magical experience and I’m grateful to everyone at Mute Records, the M83 band, our entire touring crew and the countless incredible music lovers who came out to make the last 18 months some of the most unforgettable evenings of music I’ve ever experienced.  Here’s to next year being just, if not more, incredible.

Lots of love.  M



IMG_4787IMG_4773 IMG_4788IMG_4769




Feminism, Humanism & Tavi

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As many of you may or may not know, I’m a huge fan of TED Talks.  Whether it’s about the deep sea, why we love, or new inventions, TED consistently educates me on topics I am curious about.  I recently watched a talk with the wonderful Tavi Gevinson, an incredibly smart and thoughtful girl who seems to have a “beyond her years” understanding of the very things I am finally exploring in my own life at a much older age.  Needless to say it was inspiring to hear her talk and it made me feel like I am asking myself all the right questions.  Out of the mouths of babes no?  

A lot of women start sentences with “I’m not a feminist but…”.  For one reason or another, it has become such a dirty word, and I have been guilty of saying these exact words myself: I essentially have always felt a need to fit in, a need to disguise one’s sex to be readily accepted and not rock the boat. As a female producer engineer and writer it does feel rare to meet other women who have taken the same path as I have, aand I have a growing desire to see more women pursue what is essentially a man’s field.  Hearing Tavi reclaim the term “feminist” proudly is very exciting to me and definitely something to think about.  It has also reaffirmed how much I believe that women are under represented in the actual technical side of making music.

Tavi also explores the idea of a one dimensional female representation; that women make large error but that does not define them, neither do their various qualities, but rather we are a sum of our parts and not one dimensional.  This hot button topic is something I have taken a lot of time to ponder over the last year and my personal answers are very challenging at times if not down right controversial and un PC.

Anyways, I could wax poetic about this subject all day, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip with Tavi.  I found it really invigorating.  Also enjoy her blog: http://www.thestylerookie.com/

+ Happy New Year +

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Dear friends,

First off, happy new year to you all.  2012 was a monster: so much amazingness and so much struggle for so many people I know including myself.  But at the risk of sounding trite, times of transition and great error are, in my experience, the only moments one really evolves.  And so here we are: 2013.

In the biggest news of my career thus far, M83 was nominated for a Grammy.  We were acknowledged in the “Best Alternative Album” category along with some pretty impressive talent (Fiona Apple, Tom Waits, Bjork and Gotye).  Who knew.  It feels damn good after such a long period of touring and sacrifice.  I’m deeply grateful and very excited.

In White Sea news, the album is halfway done and I’ve found my muse.  She is honest and passionate and the angriest little bitch i’ve ever met and I’ve fallen in love with her.  i am seriously thrilled to say that this is the first time as a producer and writer I’ve felt exposed and capable.  The last 3 years of remixing, learning, making huge mistakes have all paid off.  I’m working with people i would have never dreamed of being in a room with, let alone witnessing their mutual respect and desire to work with me.  I cannot wait to share and will be very soon.

I want to simply say hello in this post, but I’ll be back at the boards for more blog posts with new music and art soon.  So much to share.  Hope you’re all well and happy and healthy.



Aural Architecture

October 18, 2012 - One Response

I recently read an article about a newly dubbed architectural movement that completely romanced me:   “Aural Architecture”. I’ve always been fascinated by interior design, carpentry, lines, fabrics, space, functionality, beauty… and recently, having lost my home and perpetually on tour, I am a ship in strange waters, sleeping with lent duvets in friends’ kitchens, grateful yet starting to tire of dirty teapots, unfamiliar carpets, and other peoples’ Tivos.  I, Morgan Kibby, am currently homeless.  And when you’re homeless, all you do is dream through frustration about a quiet place.  A space to call your own where you can finally just fucking breathe a full inhale exhale.  No fear, no alarms that aren’t yours,  just peace.  I’ve never had my own space, and so I’ve fallen back in love with design as this tour winds down, with the endless possibilities of where I will end up and what incredibile “space” adventure I can finally call mine and mine alone.

As an extension of my re-kindled love affair with design, I’ve also discovered quite a new passion: architecture.  I’ve always been a lover of the greats: Wright, Gehry, Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe….  But I’ve never really sat and truly THOUGHT about architecture.  The way it defines every aspect of how we interact with the physical world, with the people around us, how we eat, how we react to loneliness, celebration, birth even!   As a musician, this seems ludicrous: I’ve truly never taken any time to examine my environment.  Everything from gravel on a walkway signaling a guest’s arrival to a dinner to a “nightingale floor” designed to gently warn medieval japanese castle dwellers of an enemy approach.  The aspects of design that give off a subtle genius are all of a sudden completely fascinating to me.  And I look forward to designing a studio space and home reflective of this new found passion. Below is a video of John Storyk, an “aural architect” if you will.  He started me on this journey and I cannot wait to dive into more about him and his work.  Peter Zumthor is also someone I look forward to learning more about, and I plan on reading his “Thinking Architecture” in the very near future…

To finding new spaces and celebrating new places. xm

SoundWorks Collection: Architect and Acoustician John Storyk from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

White Sea and Beyond

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Hello friends,

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a proper White Sea update and today feels like the day.  Happy Sunday first of all.  I am in Charlotte today with M83 about to play the Fillmore.  There’s a quaint little diner across the street where I had a solo breakfast next to the jukebox.  It’s peaceful here and I am contemplative while nose to the grindstone before this bizarre year ends.

It has been such an adventure. M83 has played such a pivotal role in my professional and personal life and it is coming to an end.  As our tour winds down I find myself knee deep in remixes, movie cues and…you guessed it, new White Sea material.

In the biggest news of all, I have joined the Mom + Pop family.  My new siblings are bands such as Regina Spektor, Sleigh Bells, Metric, Neon Indian… The amazing artists on this label make me so proud to be included.  I am ecstatic: after 15 years of making art in one form or fashion, I have finally found a home.  And what a home it is.

I am in the midst of demoing on the road and already have dozens and dozens of new tracks and ideas.  They are slowly being stitched together, and like a mad scientist I am frantically trying to sew all of my outpourings into a cohesive piece of storytelling.  My first album!  I’m so goddamn excited to share with you all.  It is the most honest, most naked and most painful thing I’ve ever done.  And like the oldest cliché, it’s a flood and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt this inspired in my entire life.  After years of trying to find myself, torturous tantrums, glimpses of potential, I am so ready to just do the damn thing.

There will be more updates as we approach the new year, so stay tuned and know I cannot wait to share any and all with you all.


morgan / white sea



+ Christy Lee Rogers +

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I’ve always been a sucker for anachronistic things.  I love modern architecture, interior design (hello mid-century modern!) and art, however I have always had a soft spot for the romanticism of Baroque and Rococo painting.  Enter Christy lee Rogers.  The moment I saw her photos I fell in love.  What a clear vision.  Her work is totally modern in approach and yet timeless in vision.



White Sea – Pinterest

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I spend a lot of time cataloguing images.  If I had the means I would be an avid collector of photographs, bric-a-brac art prints and the like.  In the meantime, I use Pinterest.  This is a really wonderful place to inspire and be inspired in the digital realm, especially when a lot of my music wells up from visual “aha!” moments.  If you’d like to follow me and what feeds my writing, this is a cool place to connect with one another.  Enjoy.



+ Sweetache +

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I miss my sister Taylor so much.  She is brilliantly gifted, beautiful and a hell of a lot smarter than I am.  Also she is 8 years younger.  No big deal.

I’m having a very sisterly moment today and I realized I have never bragged or shared HER art: pastry.  Her sugar sculptures are technical and beautiful, the pavlova she nonchalantly whipped up over Thanksgiving last year was divine, she casually bakes baguette and fresh cherry jam when she comes home, ices cake like a pro and she just….rules really.

I highly suggest following her on her blog, she is about to embark on a new life adventure by moving to just outside Lyon, France to study at an extremely prestigious pastry school and her posts promise to be very mouth watering.  Enjoy.

Link love:

Sweetache WordPress



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